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Big Dance – Recruiting and Research NCAA Tournament Pool

In honor of my beloved Gators’ top #1 seed in the NCAA DI Men’s Basketball Tournament, I want to have a little fun! So, I’m throwing out a Tournament Bracket Pool for my friends and faithful blog readers. Come one and all and let’s see who (Gators) will win the Big Dance (Florida).

There IS a prize too! I’m not going to spill the beans on the exact details, but just know that it will be a sourcing goodie bag filled with all sorts of good stuff to help you out…… :)

Here’s the info if you’d like to join up:

Go to the Yahoo! Tournament Bracket Groups.
Enter Group ID# 92286
Enter password sourcing07

Choose a name for your bracket and fill in your picks.
I am asking for a $10 buy-in to participate. Please email me for payment info (I will be using PayPal).
(Don’t worry; I’m not keeping this $$, it will be used to purchase the contents of the goodie bag!)
The contents of the goodie bag will be determined by the number of participants! Tell your recruiting and sourcing friends to join in!

Hey you non-United States residents; you can participate too if you want! I’ll share with you my friend Jeff’s secret to picking his winners; he chooses by ‘strength of mascot’. Example: #5 Butler (Bulldogs) vs. #12 Old Dominion (Monarchs [Lions]) – he would pick Old Dominion because a lion would kill a bulldog. His winning streak speaks for itself with this method of selection!

Please get registered and fill out your brackets by Wednesday at 11:59pm in order to participate! This is just for fun but I will look forward to some friendly smack talk. Looking forward to a great Tournament.